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Favorite Tools:

AffPortal | Affiliate Marketing Super Apps
This is our favorite PPV and PPC power tool, one we personally use every day. Exclusive 30-day free trial for Cyberwave Customers on this amazing suite of scrapers, downloads, keyword and URL finders, ad builders, and much more!

CPV Lab - The Ultimate Testing & Tracking Tool
CPVLab came is the best end-to-end tracking tool bar none. Manages testing and tracking on multiple platforms and networks. Price increasing soon, get it for a flat fee here.

Quantcast | Buy and Sell Targeted Audiences
Find out who's visiting a site before you target it. Amazing demographic information for a free tool, including age, gender, edication, children, and much more.

Ran Aroussi
Free URL Scraper from Ran Aroussi
Ran is offering a free cool tool! Opt-in to his newsletter to get it. It's a self-hosted script, so you'll need to have a hosting account and some knowledge installing stuff on your server.

AFF Playbook
AFF Playbook - Winning Tactics for PPV and PPC
This is the best PPV and affiliate marketer's forum online, with a ton of resources, case studies, example campaigns, and even free coaching from other members. Newbie friendly!

Self Hosted Tracking

Prosper is a fantastic, and totally free end-to-end tracking solution for affiliates and PPV marketers. Works with many platforms and ad networks. Great user community support.

Alexa the Web Information Company
Alexa is similar to Quantcast in that they provide demographic user information, but offers slightly different data useful to PPV marketers like referrer, keywords, and similar Web sites.

AffExpert | Tools for professional affiliates
Another excellent suite of PPV power tools, including scrapers, URL generators, Plenty Of Fish ad builder, forum access, and much more! Developed by the affiliate experts at MrGreen.com.

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PPV Networks:

Trafficvance | Display & Text Link Traffic
The biggest, most responsive PPV network online, with billions of impressions and all US traffic. Traffic Interceptor customers will receive a recommendation needed to join.

DirectCPV | Pay Per View online advertising
Direct CPV is unique in that they offer category and network inventory in addition to their more targeted URL and keyword traffic. Super low initial deposit, get started for just $50.

LeadImpact | CPV/PPV Network
This is our second favorite PPV network, partucularly good for lead generation, health, financial, debt, and download offers. Easy to understand and set up your first campaign.

Media Traffic
Media Traffic | CPV PPV Contextual Advertising
One of the original PPV networks, with fairly targeted traffic and an easy-to-use interface. Less ad inventory, and not quite as responsive as the others, but still worth testing.

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CPA Networks:

Company Name
Max Bounty | Affiliate Network
One of the cleanest networks we have found, with great offers, fantastic reps, good payouts and terms, and no detectable fraud. We have been with them for over 6 years with zero problems.

Company Name
Diablo Media
Probably the best support and highest payout of any CPA network. These guys test internally before they release and offer and share data with all with their affiliates. Intelligent marketers with awesome offers.

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